Training Your German Shepherd for Therapy or Service Work

Photo Credit: gomagoti cc

Hi! I’m Christina. I’ve trained dogs for 11 years and have dealt with mental illness for just as long. When my rescued German Shepherd, Bronco, sparked the idea that my passion could relieve my curse, I was excited. Unfortunately, I found very scattered resources to help me train my dog to help me with my ailments.

Now, I’ve put together this website to teach you how to teach your dog to help you! I strive to make this website easy to understand and read. You shouldn’t have to be extremely literate, strong, previously dog gifted, or anything to be able to teach your dog to help your anxiety.

I’m all about helping you find where to start when it comes to owner-training a service or emotional support dog for anxiety. I know it’s extremely expensive to purchase a dog already trained, hard to find local trainers that know what they’re doing and that it can take years to wait for a dog to be donated, and so I want to help you do it yourself.

Training your own dog is in many ways better than getting an already trained one anyway.

– You already have a bond with your dog and know his quirks and habits and that you get along.

– You will understand how training works and how your dog best learns and responds.

– You can get in good habits from the beginning and always restart if something needs work.

– Your dog already understands you and wants to please you from the outset. He may already have started to notice when something is wrong.

– There are no restrictions set by any organization on what other pets you can have.

And lots more.

So that’s why I’m here. I want to empower you to get your life back through working with your dog as a team.

Let Your Dog Help You Get Your Life Back

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