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When your dog has a troubling behavior, we’ve got solutions for you.

Train Your Dog Not to Jump 0

Simple Secrets to Train a Dog not to Jump

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When a puppy jumps on you, it’s so hard to get mad at them. It seems so harmless when they’re small. But then that puppy grows and in a few short months you have...

Help your dog learn to be controlled and calm to reduce his anxiety 0

How to Cure Dog Anxiety

Dog anxiety is a tough problem facing a lot of owners. The barking, howling, whining and destroying are what cause most dogs to be sent to the pound and unfortunately euthanized. It’s a sad...

Dog anxiety is often characterized by barking, howling and whining 0

9 Simple Steps to Stop Dog Anxiety

Today’s dog anxiety video walks the line of positive training and traditional. The guy here pushes some of the controlling/traditional training, but some of it is just plain good positive advice. This video is...

Stop Dog Barking 0

Stop Dog Barking at the Door

In today’s video, we learn one easy method to stop dog barking when someone is knocking on the door. This method uses positive techniques to reinforce the dog being quiet while you knock softly...