Welcome to the course Succeeding with a Service Dog: Getting People to Listen, Choosing the Right Dog and Training on Your Own.

There are three sections to this course, each in its own video. Below the videos, you’ll find the resources mentioned.

Video 1: Knowing Your Rights and Getting People to Listen

Keeping Out Of Trouble: Do You Legally Qualify for a Service Dog?

Asking With Confidence: Getting a Doctor to Write A Note for a Service Dog

Dealing With Housing: Getting Your Landlord to Follow the Laws


Video 2: Finding the Right Dog

Where to Look: Saving Time By Knowing What Type of Dog You’re Looking For

Picking and Choosing: Proven Ways to Test if A Dog Will Succeed in Service Work


Video 3: Owner Training a Service Dog

Successful Training: Forming Routines and Combating Bad Days

Step By Step: Training a Service Dog the Right Way

Task Training: What Tasks to Teach Your Service Dog