We help families train their puppies to be well-behaved.

Would you like your puppy to grow up to be a part of your family?

ComeHereBoy! Puppy Training provides positive, science-based puppy training to help puppies grow up to be good family dogs.

Puppy Training in Salt Lake City, Utah

I developed ComeHereBoy! Puppy Training to be positive puppy training that is specifically made to help your puppy grow up to be an amazing dog. I give your puppy a solid foundation to begin good lifelong habits.

I want your puppy to grow up to be a dog that can be a part of your family, not relegated to a back yard or a back room, but a dog that can go anywhere and be with you as much as possible.

Hi, I’m Christina!

I’m the founder of ComeHereBoy! Puppy Training.

I’ve loved animals my whole life and have had dogs since I was a baby.

When I was a teenager, my dad bought me my very own German Shepherd puppy bred for Schutzhund. I was super excited by the prospect but had little idea of how to train my dog, Thor.

Unfortunately, not knowing what I was doing ended up badly for Thor. He had a problem with biting strangers, and despite going through trainer after trainer (all traditional trainers who use shock and prong collars and dominance rolls), he didn’t get better. He ended up unfortunately needing to be put to sleep. It was a horrible experience. One of the trainers I was working with, told me I had a natural talent for dog training and took me on as an apprentice. This began me on my journey to become a dog trainer.  

My second German Shepherd, Sheba, was an adult when I got her. She had never been out of the backyard she was born in. This resulted in a dog that was terrified of everything she saw. (Including orange traffic cones!)

I found the nearest dog training place and took her there for help. They did things differently there than I was used to: they used something called “positive dog training”.

After some training with Sheba, they took me on as an apprentice. With some time, I was able to rehabilitate Sheba from many of her fears. She was an amazing dog for the rest of her life.

With positive dog training, I found my real love for dog training. Not only did it help my sweet Sheba with her extreme fears, but it included humane treatment of animals and behavioral science. This was a big relief for me, because I had never felt comfortable using tools like prong collars. I dearly wish I had known about positive training with Thor. I often wonder if I could have helped him live a longer life.

Since I can’t go back in time, I work to help other people with their puppies. Now I know that starting a puppy with good training helps keep so many problems from happening.

In the 17 years since I started dog training, I’ve trained many different dogs using positive dog training. I have trained service dogs, show dogs, puppies, family dogs, and “problem” dogs of many breeds.

But… training puppies is my favorite. I love setting puppies and their families up for success. If you train your puppy to be part of the family from the beginning, you will go on to have a great family dog. And that’s ultimately what I what I want for you – a great dog that is part of your family.