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Lazy man busy not training a dog 0

The Lazy Man’s Guide to Training a Dog

Sometimes it feels like you’re spending too much time training your dog and yet the dog keeps making mistakes. It may seem like they’re not learning anything despite the effort you’re putting in. You...

Video: Magical Shrinking Rhodesian Ridgeback 0

Video: Magical Shrinking Rhodesian Ridgeback

Today I’m going to share something of my own. This is a video my husband took of a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy we had for a while named Boo. She was a funny dog, very...


Video: Corgi Puppies are Stinkin’ Cute

Even the most avid of dog haters couldn’t say they dislike this adorable video of Corgi puppies playing together. Just look at their short little legs! Look at how they bound across the grass...